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A guide to alternative schools

An alternative school is a special school or educational setting which is mainly proposed to provide behavioral, educational or medical needs of students who cannot accommodate themselves in mainstream schools or normal school environment. These schools are established to meet the educational needs of children who cannot learn properly in conventional schools. These children may be suffering from different type of disabilities, behavioral or psychological issues, certain medical conditions or any other form of disabilities. 

If you look at the alternative schools in general, they offer more complete developmental and educational objectives than many of the mainstream schools curriculums. Their objectives mainly focus on the improvement of the studentís individual growth, increase self-esteem and improve social skills. Alternative schools offer more flexible administration and organization that helps them provide a wide range of educational programs. 

Alternative schools are able to provide better and safer therapeutic environment to students that mainstream schools. Children with learning disabilities and other medical conditions like Asperger's syndrome, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and dyslexia are provided better care and integrated and clinical services to boost the process of learning.

Description of alternative schools

The structure and curriculum of alternative schools vary from one school to another. These are always based on the student population and educational goal of each school. Generally, alternative schools do not require its students to pay tuition like most of the traditional schools. Some of the different types of alternative schools that exist are as follows:

- independent private schools
- emotional growth boarding schools
- local alternative schools 
- therapeutic wilderness programs
- special-needs day schools

Precautions to be taken by parents

Parents who are thinking of sending their children to alternative schools should follow certain steps to make sure that the child is getting proper education and care that he/she need. 

You should always investigate about the alternative school you are opting for before you take a decision. Go through the school's credentials, available curriculum, student population, staff training and student support services to make sure your child gets the best care. 

Advantages of alternative schools

- These schools are basically free and more enjoyable than traditional schools. 
- A sense of self is taught, which is not defined by the crowd. 
- Things are taught in a more non-traditional way.
- A lot of attention is given on extra curricular things like art and craft, singing, dancing and many other non-traditional things. 


The disadvantages generally vary from person to person. But still in a more general sense, some of the drawbacks of alternative schools are as follows:

- Students studying in alternative schools generally lack the competitive spirit in them. As a result, some students fail to clear competitive exams in future. 

At the end, it is up to you to see if these schools can fulfill your childís needs properly. If you are satisfied with the objectives of alternative schools and think they can prepare your child well, then opt for them. 





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