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Bullying in School – How to resolve?

Bullying is often a great problem amongst ongoing school children who are bent on establishing their supremacy and power over their fellow peers. A child is either bullied or serve a bully to others of his/her age. Bullying is an unwanted act of stubborn behavior that results in untoward situations of hatred, agony, bitterness and intolerance within the children's group. Thus, it should never be encouraged by parents in any circumstance whether your child is a cause of bullied or at the receiving end of it.

Lending a patient ear

As a parent of a child you have an added responsibility to listen to your child’s problem in school as also elsewhere. In case your child is being bullied, try to stand on his guard by talking to the disturbing student or the teachers and school authorities to arrive at a positive solution.

But in case your child is causing bully to others you need to be equally responsive to trace the root of such behavior by listening to the grievances of the child and deciphering its cause. Teach the child to be tolerant without yourself resorting to harshness or violence. A caring and explanative approach does better than an arrogant attitude of punishments that might indirectly complicate the situation and behavior of the child towards others who he/she might then refer to as his greatest enemies.

Let your child experience for himself how others feel when they are bullied in a not so rude manner. But first learn the details regarding the cause of his behavior to be able to suggest an alternative solution of non-violence to your child. Some children might turn to bullying after being constantly bullied for long as a sort of revenge. So, better get to the root of your child's agony or misbehavior. Listening, facilitates understanding and understanding leads to positive change.

Often family problems and violent behavior of family members nurtures violence within a child who may inflict such violence upon his fellow companions. So, better check your own actions before preaching a lesson to the child. Maintain peace and decency at home. Remember that children are fast learners and hence they easily adopt what they are subjected to. If you practice violence, they learn the same without much fault of theirs.

Watching violent actions on television, playing violent games on a video game console or listening to violent lyrical compositions can equally instill negative vibes within children. Teach your child the art of non-violence and respect towards others. Lend a patient ear of parental support to their problems. Low self esteem and confidence can make your child adopt the path of bullying others to prove his worth. So, help them in developing social skills through group involvement.

In case your child is being bullied in school make necessary intervention to calm the situation. Arrive at a solution by consulting with teachers, the counselor and the school authorities. Do not adopt a revenging approach. Above all maintain a cordial relation with the child as well as the school authorities to make the school a welcoming destination for your growing kid.






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