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How to communicate with your child’s teachers - The Tips

As a parent, you may not always feel good when you are called by your child’s teacher and hear any complain about him/her. It is not always easy to face the teacher and hear things like your child has been causing chaos in the class or flunked the exam or some other sort of complains. There may also be situations when you want to meet the teacher out of any kind of concern about your child’s education or behavior in the class. If you are worried about how to talk to your child’s teacher, then there are some easy tips to cope with such situations:

- When your child’s teacher wants to talk to you about your child, you must go with an open mind and be ready to accept any kind of suggestions about your child. 

- Do not get defensive to what the teacher is saying about your child. Whatever is being said by the teacher is not a question mark on your parenting skills. If you react defensively, it may hamper the communication. 

- Always keep one thing in mind, the teachers have already tried to solve the problem with your child. But, since they have failed to do so, they have called you to get some help in dealing with your child’s problem.

- Try to have a conversation with your child about the things that you have heard from the teacher. You can take your child to some other place and talk to him/her about that. 

- Then you can come up to the teacher and talk about the solution that you have found out about the problem with your child. 

- Never forget to thank the teacher for calling you and informing you about your child. 

- In case, you have some concern to discuss with the teacher regarding your child, call them and ask for an appropriate time when you can talk to them freely. Teachers are expected to be busy most of the time, so fixing a time is very much necessary to have a talk with teachers. 

- When you call up the teacher to fix a time, do give a hint about the topic you want to discuss so that the teacher have the time to collect all the information regarding the topic. 

- Never attack the teacher’s teaching style or his/her ability to teach. Every child has a different style of learning and a teacher always try his/her best to teach the student.

- Do not go to the principal first as this would undermine the authority of the teacher in the class. You should always talk to the teacher first. In case, you find some serious thing to address, then you can consult the principal or the head of the institute. 

- Having open talk with your child’s teacher about what your child should do to benefit him or her. 

The teacher plays your role at school. So, if you have some problem with anything about the child or the teacher finds any thing wrong, feel free to communicate to help your child develop.





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