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How to make the perfect Tiffin for your child

You, as a parent might be always concerned about your child’s health and what your child is eating. Most number of mothers are worried when they see their child not finishing their tiffin in school. While, there are large number of mothers who are tensed to see their children’s poor appetite. The real fact behind this is that every child has a different appetite depending on the activity and body structure of the child. Again, the pattern of food intake varies from child to child. For this reason, your child may not be finishing his/her tiffin or thee food may not be appealing to him/her. 

How to make your child’s tiffin more appealing

When you are preparing tiffin for your child, always keep in mind to include the nutrition as well as the taste factor in it. Pack tasty tiffin for your child that is rich in nutrition also. The only thing that can make your child like his/her meal is to include variety of food items in the lunch box. Here are some tasty and healthy food alternatives that can make your child surely love his/her meal:

On Monday: You can avoid white bread and go for brown bread. Make a tasty sandwich out of it with ingredients that you use in regular breads. You can also add some mayonnaise to make it tastier for your child. 

On Tuesday: You can send some tasty home-cooked soup instead of daal and send some cheese toast or garlic bread with it. Instead of regular bread, you can go for mushroom bread also. 

On Wednesday: Include some seasonal fruits like papaya and watermelon cubes, apple slices, grapes and strawberries and make a fruit salad with it. You can also get other variety of seasonal fruits in different seasons. 

On Thursday: Go for some heavy meal with chapatti and subji along with bottle of nimbu pani or buttermilk instead of water. Or you can also substitute chapatti with ghee-fried paranthas.

On Friday: Peanut butter is favourite among children. If you do not get peanut butter, you can always make it at home with peanuts, salt and garlic cloves. Grind these ingredients till it becomes a paste. You can also add a little oil or butter in to it. 

On Saturday: Treat your child with vegetables baked in white sauce. Include wheat to make the white sauce which is more nutritious and healthy. 

Change your child’s regular food into something different and see how fast and easily your child gulps down everything that you give for lunch. If you follow a routine that brings some change of taste to your child’s taste buds, then soon you will be delighted to see your child bring back empty tiffin box.






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